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How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

How much screen time does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend for children under two years old? What kind of music is best for very young children? What kind of toys?

Download this free e-book and learn the answers to these and other very important questions.

Free e-book: How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

Early Learning - Can Movies and TV Ever Be Good For Babies and Small Children?

What an important question! As a parent of a baby or toddler, you want to help your little one reach his or her potential. We know that language and social skills are very important for success in school and in life. And what better time to start than when your child is young?

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Ebooks for Children: Good News, Bad News or Both?

I have fond memories of my mother reading me stories of Angus, the little Scottie whose square of sunshine was stolen by the nefarious cat . . . .

And what exactly do e-reading devices have to do with these happy memories?

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