Little Bunny’s Own Storybook Reviews

Author Margaret Welwood goes beyond story and pictures to facilitate the development of children's word skills. Her use of rhyme helps young readers discover and pronounce new words. And because each word is used to develop Bunny's story, children can become word detectives, figuring out the meaning of new words by using the story and pictures. . . . .

What stands out most to me about Welwood's new release, however, is her introduction to the idea of children writing their own books. By describing with words and also illustrating Bunny's book-making process, the author gives readers a detailed how-to. They can see what materials Bunny uses, hear the story he makes up, and then imitate his process. Bunny smiles as he works, displays great "pride of authorship," and delights at the reaction of his parents.

          KAB, author and grandmother

The ending is very motivational as it guides the reader to create his or her own storybook by showing different pictures and asking questions. As a mother and a teacher, I love this book and would highly recommend it for children.

          Karen Harrison, mother and teacher

Through rhyme and lovely pictures, Little Bunny finds he is missing something dear to him when his library is closed for the day. This disappointment inspires Little Bunny to do something about it: he decided to write a book himself. The author uses Little Bunny to show children how to deal with a disappointing situation by doing something to change it.

          Trudy Samsill

This is an excellent story for little ones! Not only does it emphasize the beauty of reading, but also the importance of using your imagination. 


This book is a treasure! It will inspire children and parents alike to get their creative juices flowing.

          Shelly Sangrey, homeschool mom of 11 kids

In an age of constant video games, media entertainment, and iPhones, Margaret has created a character whose greatest joy is his daily library visit and the discoveries he makes while reading. From crickets to firefighters to pirates, Little Bunny devours the adventures in his library books. When the library is unexpectedly closed, Little Bunny must find an alternative. What does a library-loving bunny do without books to read? Well, he writes his own storybook, of course! With adorable illustrations that capture the imagination, readers will want to hop on over to their nearest library. "Little Bunny's Own Storybook" is a refreshing reminder of the value of reading and should be a true gem among young children, homeschoolers, teachers, and parents.

          Pam Lagomarsino, homeschool parent of 20 years, freelance editor, and part-time library manager

It’s great to have stories that reinforce our hope for our daughter—that she’ll love reading, being creative, and one day, writing.

          Greg Brown, pastor, dad

As both a writer and a homeschooling mother of 4, I found this book delightful! The themes of creativity and literacy are those I definitely want to promote to my children. I like the extra learning opportunities sprinkled in, such as teaching the days of the week and rhyming words, without the children even knowing they're learning. I would highly recommend this as a book for preschoolers and early readers.

          Jennifer, writer and homeschooling mother