Marie and Mr Bee Reviews

The way the story unfolds is perfect for children about age ten and under. I love that the main character has a handicap, but doesn't allow it to get in her way.

          Lisa M. Prysock, author and teacher

This book is full of kindness and gentle lessons.

          Kristen Lamb, author

The illustrations in the book are vibrant and portray a little girl and her friends beautifully. My grandchildren, ages three and four, enjoyed the adorable characters.

          Michelle, preschool teacher

It's a fun story!  I liked it at the end when Mr. Bee is helping Marie with her work, and then they read a story together.

          Lorilee, seven years old

My eleven year old loved how Marie was in a wheelchair and related it to doing life with her seizures.


“Marie and Mr. Bee” is an artistically pleasing, delightful and fanciful book for young children, with age appropriate language and ideas.

          Thelma Corris, retired teacher, mother, grandmother

While Marie is in a wheelchair, she is valued for more than her outside physicality, and she plays and lives and is included as all persons should be!

          Faye McConville

Children will learn from Marie's gentle, loving and forgiving character.

          Pam Enderby, author of When Heartaches Happen

I have worked with children most of my life in some capacity; babysitting, church programs, school functions, and homeschooling our own kids. I am always looking for creative books to read with children and for them to read on their own. I love "Marie and Mr. Bee" and the principles it teaches. It is a definite read for children of all ages! It engages everyone to learn to do better and help each other, while teaching them that work is important. It also teaches about forgiveness when Marie takes Mr. Bee in her home to help. This book is perfect for homeschoolers and anyone who wants to spend time with children. Including the blueberry pancake recipe encourages the reader to interact with others and be a positive role model like Marie.
          Tamy Bond, homeschool mom of two