Scissortown Reviews

Scissortown is one of the cutest stories I have read in a long time. . . . The images are some of the best I have seen with different shapes, shadows, and old-fashioned suits on the men. There is even helpful information in the back of the book on how children can help. I LOVE the title and color image.

Cindy Freland, author, The Chesapeake Bay Adventure Series

I read this book to my two granddaughters, ages 8 & 9, and they were spell-bound by the story. They asked questions, tried to find Katie Cat and were really engrossed by the problem and solutions...especially the fact that young children could help out a town. A great story that gives confidence to kids!

Dawn Doyle, author, The Hip Hope Dancer

The story provides much opportunity for child-to-adult questions, discussion, and ideas from  children. It is also humorous and imaginative, and a good tool for a discussion of what is reality and what is not possible.

Thelma Corris, retired teacher, grandmother, pastor's wife

The story was very engaging. The Slicers and Dicers reminded me of Dr. Seuss, and that you used a pet as the ultimate hero was fabulous. Even as an adult I wanted to know what would happen.
          Candace Sanderson, artist

I LOVE this book!
          Lindsay, age seven

I thought it was very cool how the children were distracting the Slicers and Dicers with stories about nail clippers, bread knives and can openers, and the onion floating in the spaghetti sauce is so funny. It’s so different from today’s stories. 
          Grace Kruchkowski, mother, grandmother, retired teacher

The kids thought it was so funny! They loved it! My son has taken it to bed both nights now.
          Heather Jones, mother of two, book lover

I have read my children many stories, but I have not read them one like this. So unique! Such depth! So beautifully illustrated!
          Joyce Stryker, retired teacher, mother, grandmother

The message that children are important, have a voice and are contributing individuals is affirming.
          Kim Toews

"Scissortown" recounts how a neat and well-oiled community is obliged to take extreme action when over-zealous scissorers, namely the Slicers and Dicers, hit town. Beautifully illustrated, this sweet tale will enchant any child, not least through its amusing exploration of the possible consequences of a life without scissors.
          Bobbie Ann Cole, author of "She Does Not Fear the Snow", her personal Ruth story

An intriguing book that especially caught my attention when the Slicers and Dicers came to town! An unexpected ending that challenged me to rethink the "shushing" of children. And kids everywhere will appreciate a book about "sharp things." (Did I mention the amazing illustrations?)
          Jody Penner, mother, grandmother, educational assistant, Ministry Arts Coordinator

A delightful story with many layers of meaning. The illustrations are captivating!
          Michelle Dwyer, mother of three, Pastor of Community Life

"Scissortown" is a fun, beautifully illustrated story. It teaches children the importance of being responsible and using their thinking skills to solve problems.
          Martin Pierce, author & blogger@mrtpierce

The book is a sweet surprise! Illustrations are beautiful and an integral part of the whole. The story line may raise questions, but will also encourage conversation with your kids.
          Teresa Rempel, educational assistant, mother of four

I just read your book, and it is WONDERFUL!!! I loved it every step of the way! It is intriguing, unique and beautiful! You and the illustrator have done a fantastic job! Way to go! I loved the faith based part at the back. It felt reassuring and loving to read what you had written.
          Carolyn Vasileiou, college instructor, mother

What a delightful story! And the illustrations are wonderful. A story with a message—always important for today’s “techno” young people.
          Doreen Lakusta, mother, grandmother, retired English teacher

You probably haven’t read a book like this before. Just when you think you have it figured out–you don’t! The twist in the book will both entertain and educate its audiences.
          Rachel Sentes – freelance writer –

I appreciated the many opportunities the book gave to lead into meaningful discussion, as well as the flexibility to pull various life lessons from it.
          Farrell Clark, mother of four, pastor's wife

What a delightful children's story--appealing to a child's imagination and demonstrating the wonderful gift of the author's imagination. Illustrated exquisitely!
          Bernice Toews, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother

I really enjoyed this story and loved that it had this important message for children. Yet somehow, it struck an even deeper chord for me--it reminded me of something prior, and that something was not the movie Edward Scissorhands. I noticed instead that the Slicers and Dicers brought to mind "The Blue Meanies", the nasty villains in the Beatle's movie Yellow Submarine. I could easily picture adults in the late 1960's commenting on how "far out' the story is--and that is 'far out' in the very good sense--that capacity of boundless joyful imagination. This story had that for me and I give it a strong recommendation.
          Stephen M. King