Stories by Children



Calling All Kids! 

* Do you like writing stories?  

* How about drawing and coloring?

* needs YOUR story!

Here’s how it works:

Write a story in your own words, or dictate it to a grown-up. It’s okay if the grown-up types it, if all the words and ideas are yours.

Color or paint a picture to go with your story, or work with a partner.

Some kids like writing better, others like drawing.


Have your grown-up send:

asterisk  your story as a Word doc

asterisk  a first name (your real name or a pen name) and your age.  If you're working with a partner, also send your partner's first name or pen name and age.

asterisk  and the picture you made (as a jpg) to

And you just might see it online!

BIG HINT #1:  I don’t like stories with ghosts, witches, magic, vampires or anything else that’s creepy, so I won’t put those on my site.

BIG HINT #2:  I like positive words.

BIG HINT #3:  I like pictures with lots of color.

Questions? E-mail:

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